Most creative people hardly track media performance

Our AI runs A/B tests and uses the data to generate high performing creatives

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Generate hundreds of variations in seconds

Automatically test and implement the learnings

Enjoy an automated media performance boost

How it works

Upload your assets: key visuals and a sample creative



The machine will generate the taglines with GPT-3 and compile the creatives



Connect your ad account and boost your campaigns with smart A/B testing



It simply works

We are using the machine for our own campaigns.
Cost per click already dropped by 30% in just three rounds of tests.

Like a designer, but faster

The machine changes the assets, adjusts the composition, colours, and fonts to make hundreds of creatives instantly.

Total automation

Just approve the creatives. The machine will handle campaign setup, performance tracking, and optimisation.

Smarter tests

The machine automatically plans the experiments and uses past campaign data to generate better creatives.

Simpler workflow

Focus on the creative part: manage the assets.
The machine will take care of everything else.

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